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Character & Citizenship

Junior Staff

Teens In Charge:  Junior Staff 

A leadership development program for middle and high school teens. Members participate in daily educational activities, job shadowing, and volunteer at the Club.

Gang Prevention Through Targeted Outreach (GPTTO)

A gang-prevention program for targeted youth to help them avoid the lure of gangs with the support of case management, monitoring & tracking, and integration into key Club programs.

SMART Moves 

A prevention program to teach teens smart choices about drugs, alcohol, and relationships through workshops, role-playing, developing decision-making skills, and analyzing media and peer influences.

UPS Road Code

UPS Road Code

Designed to combat high numbers of teen deaths in car accidents, this four week class teaches safe driving skills, and includes practice on realistic driving simulators, taught by UPS volunteers.


Torch Club & Keystone

Chartered small-group leadership clubs centered on community service by implementing their own activities and service projects.


An esteem building program designed to encourage healthy attitudes and lifestyles for adolescent girls.

Passport to Manhood

Male responsibility training.

Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year

A national competition that recognizes a Club member that has shown outstanding contributions in citizenship, leadership, and cooperation at the Club, home, and school.